Sunday, July 6, 2008

Facing the past to heal the future

Bloodlines screened yesterday at the Activating Human Rights Film Festival. For me it was the first screening open to the public and I was both nervous and excited to see the response. It went very well - people were moved by the film. We had a question and answer session after the screening, with myself and Ruth Rich, and people spoke about personal issues in their own family history as well as wanting to know more about the process Ruth and Bettina went through.

I was pleased to see that the resonance of the film included both facing the genocide of the Holocaust and healing any traumas carried down through generations. I believe Bloodlines shows that facing the past can heal the present and lead to a different future.

The depth of the questions and contributions went beyond my expectations, and I can't wait for the next screening!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Activating Human Rights Film Festival

Bloodlines is being screened in my old home town, Byron Bay, next Saturday July 5th as part of the Activating Human Rights Film Festival. It is connected with a 4 day international conference on human rights and peace. I am honored Bloodlines will be presented in this context as we always intended the film to be a beacon of possibility for people in need of reconciliation, both with the 'enemy' outside and the 'demons' within. It is about one of the worst abuses of human rights in modern history, the Holocaust. And it has a hopeful ending.