Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going to Israel in October

Exciting news - myself, Bettina Goering and Ruth Rich will be going to Israel in October. The Jewish Eye World Jewish Film Festival will be screening Bloodlines twice during the festival, held from 22nd - 30th October in Ashkelon, a city on the coast not far from Tel Aviv. See our links page to check out the festival.

Oded Guy, the festival director, has arranged comprehensive media coverage including a TV story and a feature article in a national newspaper. So we will be busy with lots of press interviews to let everyone know about Bloodlines and the story of Ruth and Bettina.

I will be doing some filming while I am there, to capture whatever unfolds during our visit.

Ruth's powerful paintings of her family in the Holocaust, which drew Bettina to meet Ruth, will be flown over courtesy of the Israeli embassy and exhibited in the cinema exhibition foyer.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the film to be seen and discussed and hopefully it will provoke a desire for reconciliation where that is needed.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cynthia, Bloodlines is travelling
to the place where healing is intensely needed.
Bettina is an exceedingly brave human being,
to be honest, her story made me cry - it is a side that has never been told. The burden of generations has been upon all involved. Bloodlines is a film monumental in scope and emotional resonance. Many best wishes for your continued success - and for the healing that reconciliation with the past can bring. This is film as shaman.

Kind Regards,
Akkadia Ford
Assistant WOW Festival Director 2008

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Elle P said...

Hi Cynthia,
I saw Bloodlines on Compass last night and was very struck by its intensity. Just wanted to ask if you have encountered Peter Felix Kellerman, a psychologist and psychodramatist who works with collective trauma and has a particular interest in the holocaust. He is based in Israel. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with him in Melbourne last summer as part of the ANZPA conference. Do Google him - a great connection.
Lee P