Sunday, September 21, 2008

Compass 10pm exciting time

Well, finally the Australian screening of Bloodlines is about to happen - tonight at 10 pm on Compass, ABC 1. I am very curious to see how the film is received, and what the ratings will be.

The pre-publicity has been exciting with a highlight being the great 2 page story in Who weekly magazine, pg 34. Right in the middle of a best and worst fashion edition of a mainstream publication is the Bloodlines story!

I feel very grateful to all the people who have supported making the film, and the new ones who are now helping it get out there!

It is also possible to vote for Bloodlines in an online womens filmfestival at until 29th September. This would be much appreciated.

Comments welcome.


Lina said...

Hi Cynthia, just watched Bloodlines on Compass and found it a very powerful experience. Congratulations!!!

I found Bettina's courage very moving and inspiring. I doubt many people would have been brave enough to face what she did during the filming and its a real credit to both women that their friendship was able to weather such a deeply emotional encounter.

Wonderful film making! warm wishes, Lina

Vivi said...

I could not help admire the strength and courage of Bettina to undergo this very personal and barbed inquisition. Yes, Ruth's forebears have suffered, as when you visit any refugee camp or detention centre in the world, or guantanamo, or the recent forbears of Australian Aboriginal people and the legacy of that today. There is no monopoly on suffering, although those with power seem to think there is. Its societies that can turn anyone of us into monsters. That's what we need to be vigilant about today.